When Eric and I were thinking about sharing our stories of amazing travel and excellent food, my brother decided that this was so out of character that we’d ‘gone wild’… With such an amazing title just gifted to us (thank you, little brother), how could we do anything but start a blog?

But broadcasting your thoughts into the world makes the assumption that there is someone out there who wants to listen. A pretty arrogant assumption when all things are considered. Yet, we felt that if this blog amused, provided travel inspiration, or restaurant advice to just one person, it was probably a worthwhile endeavour (and hopefully not an overly vain one).

What’s more, this blog could one day be our only source of memories when we’re both old, decrepit, and suffering from neurodegenerative disorders. We can’t use my diaries because as anyone who’s ever had the misfortune to teach me will tell you, I’ve got appalling handwriting and am apparently the only one who can actually read my work (for now anyway!).

Pessimistic visions of the future aside, Gone Wild collates and shares our memories of some fantastic adventures and delicious cuisine. So, whether you’re friends or family (or just our future selves desperate to discover what we spent our retirement fund on), we hope you enjoy (re-)discovering these experiences as much as we did the first time round. If you’re not connected to the Ashcroft-Seckler tribe in the real world but have nevertheless found your way onto the site, welcome! I’m not quite sure what you’re doing here, but I hope you enjoy yourself anyway…

Right now, we are slowly transcribing our diaries, notes, and memories of past adventures. There’s quite a bit of backdating to be done so please be patient with us.